How to Have a Sustainable Barbecue?

Make your BBQ Sustainable by using Mojo BBQ Lumpwood Charcoal

A lot of our BBQ Lumpwood charcoal comes from forests and this can contribute to deforestation. There have been many alternatives tried for environmentally friendly grilling options but all of these are questionable from a sustainability standpoint

Eco-freaks have suggested corncobs and coconut shell charcoal briquettes as alternatives.

A German friend tried the age-old practice of using corncobs.

He tried using corncobs, the central core of an ear of maize, this is the part that is left after nibbling off all the kernels. It’s more environmentally friendly than charcoal has a lot of practical advantages for the connoisseur. But the problem is this still cannot be a viable substitute for charcoal made from forestry waste wood because of the huge requirement of tonnes of charcoal globally.

How to BBQ Right?

Eco-friendly BBQ charcoal

I am on the go and I tear open a Mojo BBQ Lumpwood Charcoal bag, set it on fire and my barbeque is all set.

Germans are among the folks who love to barbecue and their favorite way to do it is on wood charcoal. They just love the tasty smoky flavour which is only possible using wood charcoal. The process of Anaerobic oxidation enhances the natural wood enzymes to give the flavour. Approximately, 250,000 tons of charcoal are used in Germany each year, mainly for summer barbecues.

To enjoy the smoky taste we are cutting trees but then not everything that comes from the tropics is illegal. There are sustainably managed plantations in the tropics as well. Moreover, some acacia species are spreading as invaders throughout Namibia. If their wood is cut and made into charcoal, it’s a good thing.

But the problem is, you can never be completely sure where the wood is coming from.

Customers depend on the information provided by the producer to know how sustainable the charcoal is — and unfortunately, this information isn’t always reliable.

Hence it is important to check the credibility of the wood charcoal you are using for your grills. There are tonnes of forestry waste woods left inside deep woods cause they are not of the desired quality. Mojo BBQ  is a brand that uses only forestry waste wood for its carbonization process. We call ourselves a “Responsible Coal” company because we are committed to do business without disturbing the ecology.

Forest Sustainability certification has to get more rigour for mass production and supply and this is to ensure afforestation drives parallely by companies to ensure our forests and ecology thrives.

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