Quickfire On the Go Charcoal

Mojo Quickfire On the Go Charcoal is one of our best sellers. This takes care of your outdoor BBQ requirement when you are on the go. The box is made of wood with about 2 Kg of Mojo Coconut Charcoal briquettes inside the box. All you need to do is to light up the box underneath – there is a special wick underneath that can be lit using a normal gas lighter and there you go! It can stand the normal breeze and can burn totally for you to barbecue your favorite food while you are up the hills, or down the sea..get ready with an “anywhere BBQ experience” by trying this creative ensemble from Mojo
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  • Wooden box
  • About 2 Kg of 100% organic coconut charcoal briquettes
  • Wick at the bottom
  • Each box burns for about 2 to 2.5 hours or more for an on the go BBQ
Yes just light up the whole box that sets you up for a nice BBQ while on the move!
The box can be used in case of a normal breeze on the road, but in case of a strong wind you might have to look for a place and try it under a roof or a shelter.
Yes once you light up the box through the wick underneath the box the box fires up burning the charcoal inside and setting up your BBQ
Yes place the box inside your smoker and its ready for a BBQ