Is the World Ready to move to Alternate  Energy –  Replacing Solid Fossil Fuel with Solid Green Fuel

Is the World Ready to move to Alternate Energy – Replacing Solid Fossil Fuel with Solid Green Fuel

In the new normal we experienced newer ways of living cause nature left us literally with no choice!
The Vaccine will help manifest a different world. We will move to a more peaceful coexistence with nature and try to consciously reduce the use of fossil fuel.

Renewable Energy is not just limited to Wind, Solar, and Hydro options for power generation. Instead of using coal for steam generation, we need to move to biomass pellets and briquettes for power generation.

Drax power station is a self sustained biomass and coalfired power station in North Yorkshire, England. It has a 2.6 GW capacity for biomass and 1.29 GW capacity for coal. This conscious shift has brought an 80% reduction in carbon footprints.

Stories like these demonstrate the positive momentum the world is demonstrating to move to biomass fuel options for the larger benefit.

Even back home in India, mitigating local air pollution and climate change means curbing the utilization of coal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Positive initial steps like the National Action Plan on Climate Change, the leadership of the Solar Alliance, and the Clean Energy Cess on coal production appear to be efforts in the right direction.

Mojo BBQ Coconut Charcoal and Lumpwood Charcoal provide an example of how Restaurants today can explore green energy heating and burning options replacing coal.

Mojo Barbecue coals are made from 100% organic agricultural waste and are smokeless, dust­free, clean energy options for BBQ and Restaurant heating.

The natural aroma these bring into the food enhances the food flavour without using any additives or chemicals.

The world is looking at Greener and Cleaner fuel options replacing coal with coconut charcoal briquettes or briquettes from corn cobs, sawdust, rice husk, ground nutshell and other agricultural waste options.


.Mojo Coals are a must explore option for a hassle ­free barbecue experience.

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